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Middle School Memoirs: Feb.19 – Feb.22

Career Day

A look at some of the many guest speakers we had at Career Day this past Wednesday. We were so lucky to have such a wide variety of experts. The message across the day: you must learn to solve the problems presented to you and to work collaboratively with others.

We also had some fun with Intermediate, forming a bridge for them to walk under as we transitioned to different rooms. It was such an amazing day!

Clarissa working on a trench warfare model!

Mind Maps

Working in unique partners (Lillie was absent so Cole worked with an orange) on mind maps for events in the 1920’s including prohibition, the Bull stock market, flappers, and poor farming practices that led to the Dust Bowl!

Snow fun on a beautiful February day!

Let's meet back here in March for the next rendition of the Middle School Memoirs!

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