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Letter from the Principal: Jan. 24, 2020

Dear Spectrum Families and Friends, 

As we celebrate School Choice Week next week, I invite you to share, “Why Spectrum?” Please email me your thoughts, or post them on our Facebook page if you have that capacity. 

If anyone asks you what makes Spectrum special, here is a short bulleted list. Word of mouth is our best marketing tool. We need families who believe in our kind of school, our approaches to education, and our fundamental love for children. 

Spectrum School is a place where children are:

  • HEARD – really heard, listened to, their individual interests and talents are encouraged, they are actively involved in the learning process through choice, participation, and evaluation.
  • SEEN – demonstrating their learning through discussion, presentations, writing, and illustrations using their own individual styles.
  • RECOGNIZED – as unique individuals with their own abilities, talents, interests, stories, and an eagerness to share these with others and to absorb what others have to share with them.
  • HONORED – as individuals who are capable and caring and interested in and invested in learning about the world around them.
  • EMPOWERED – to think, to grow in skills, in knowledge, in citizenship, in ownership of their own learning and their own interests, in partnership with peers/family/teachers/community.

Spectrum School accomplishes this:

  • Through the active, ongoing partnership of parents, staff, and students.
  • Through the presence of two teachers in each classroom to foster interaction and the building of relationships.
  • Through small class size and no more than 12 students per teacher.
  • Through a network of specialists who interact with the students throughout the week.
  • Through knowing intimately the developmental, intellectual, and social needs of each child and being sure those needs are met.

Thank you for considering how your advocacy will help keep Spectrum alive and strong, now and in the future.

Dr. Mary Beth Cunat 

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