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Letter from the Principal: Jan. 31, 2020

Dear Spectrum Families and Friends, 

As we finish up National School Choice Week and begin our re-enrollment cycle, I am hoping you have had the chance to reflect on “Why Spectrum? What makes Spectrum special?”  As parents who believe in the mission and vision of Spectrum School, you are our best ambassadors. 

On February 26, we will be holding a large scale open house. Our enrollment targets are towards Preschool and Early grades, where we have the most seats. Your endorsement of Spectrum to families and friends whom you believe would be a good fit for Spectrum are highly valued. If a family enrolls on your referral, you will get a tuition credit of $200. More than this, you will be helping to further sustain and grow our little gem of a school. 

Also, as we put out social media messages and ad campaigns to attract new enrollment, please like and share these posts with those in your social media and social spheres. This is a simple way to further the great word about Spectrum.

Another way to support Spectrum is with the Rockford Youth Expo. This is a Spectrum-sponsored event to provide one-stop exploration and shopping for youth-related resources, services, and supports. It will also be a lot of fun for kids! If you have a friend or family member who might like to have a table at the Expo, please pass on the information and vendor application. Please plan to come with your family to the Expo, held at Rock Valley College, on Saturday, April 4.  

I have been in hundreds of schools during my career, all over the world, so I know Spectrum is the best there is… at least in this solar system. How alien species develop and educate their young ones is a mystery I may never see revealed, but any positive “growing” of children must involve the combination of love, imagination, freedom, and structure our teachers give every day.

Opening up the newsletter to see the magic Rickey does with the Facebook Groups is the highlight of my week. I have often told him if I was not the principal of Spectrum I would be so envious of what happens in our classrooms week in and week out. 

Thank you for all you do to support the best school on our planet. 

Dr. Mary Beth Cunat 

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