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Letter from the Principal: Oct. 18, 2019

Spectrum Families and Friends,

It is Wednesday as I write this. I was so pleased with the turn out for Donuts with Dad. Thank you to the PTO and parent leaders for such a special event. The children loved the time and of course the donuts!

This week I was amazed by the older Early students’ incredible knowledge and work product about goats, shared with younger students and with preschool. Project-based learning at this age is IMPRESSIVE! At the other end of the Spectrum (haha), I watched a video of every Middle Schooler using the language of art and design to talk about a great masterpiece. I was blown away. Their viking ships, longhouses, and salt clay maps look great, too. 

The preschoolers got excited about some found slug eggs and requested to use the microscope cameras. Intermediate went to Anderson Gardens and were able to connect Japanese learning, sign language class, and work with their own terrariums. It was a beautiful day for “forest bathing!” What a special school we are. 

As we move into the end of October, and we as a staff are starting to prepare for our first round of Interest Groups, I am fondly remembering my Sea Mammal interest group from last spring and the amazing moment our little group came face-to-face with a 500 pound seal. I became a teacher to foster children’s love for wildlife and caring for animal habitat. I am grateful and proud to have come into a school culture which prioritizes environmental consciousness. Let me share a recent article on ways to protect our oceans. May our children’s children inherit a planet that is healthier than ever. 

Best wishes for a lovely weekend.

Dr. Mary Beth Cunat

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