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Thinking, Creating, Reflecting: Impacting the Future


Recy-COOL Kids’ Chronicles! Oct. 14 – Oct. 18

Field Trip to Rockford University: Monday, Oct. 21st 8:40-9:40AM. Please remember to dress for P.E. activities!
Ann Thornton
Dori Sales
Lindsay Dunn
Ayako Ueda
We are looking for more volunteers if you are available!

Adding crustaceans, worms, and other invertebrates to our terrariums!

Anderson Gardens' Trip!

Our trip to Anderson Gardens was a great way to connect our Japanese learning, our sign language class, and our work with our own terrariums. It was a beautiful day for “forest bathing!”

Microscope Investigation!


Completing a “Titanic” Challenge for Gym today. Working on problem solving skills, gross motor skills, and teamwork!

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