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Letter from the Principal: Sept. 10, 2021

Dear Spectrum Families and Friends,

If you build it, they will come. This is my sense of the current and future Spectrum School. I am so grateful to hear about so many parents of our youngest learners coming to our PTO meeting this week, and the energy that got generated about having a monthly community service / outreach theme. I see this as a way to EXPLORE how we as a school can have a positive impact on our community. 

I was also thrilled to learn of the enthusiasm generated for our first big fall event, Apple Day, Saturday, September 18. Marci warned me it is getting bigger than she expected….oooooohhhh, yaaaay! (sneaky little happy clap). 

We are standing on the shoulders of many people who deeply believe in Spectrum, because of what Spectrum did for their children. When veteran Board members talk about their experience of Spectrum, they represent parent relationships, interactions, and events as building lifelong friendships – not just for their children, but for themselves. 

It is my deep wish for our sweet little school that we foster this kind of sustained connection and community for children and adults alike. Please be part of it!

Dr. Mary Beth Cunat

Principal – Spectrum School  

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