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Letter from the Principal: Sept. 3, 2021

Dear Spectrum Families and Friends,

I ruminate throughout the week about what is worth sharing in this message. My goals are not only informational – I want to provide insights into what Spectrum is all about, stories that reflect joy in learning, and appreciation to many who make our school special. This morning, I was thinking of this first week as highs and lows:

Low: Our website getting hacked. (Note: No personal information was vulnerable. The malware was redirecting our site to a pharm site selling little blue pills) High: Board member Dave DeCastris helping resolve the issue. 

Low: Not having enough morning Compass staff.  High: Ms. Sue and Salem helping out. 

Low: Several tedious, yucky jobs that Marci and I were dreading having to do ourselves. High: A wonderful and competent volunteer who came to us through the UU church. 

Low: My endless list of tasks with technology and online resources, especially for the Middle School.  High: Near-Grads’ and Grads’ interactions with their Spanish teacher, Lizeth Ocaña, who teaches from Colombia. 

Low: Compass again – finding difficulty getting a second adult to staff it on some days. Highs: Megan Granados’ leadership and interactions with children, experiencing the amazing creativity in the pretend playground restaurant on Wednesday (executed collaboratively by several 3-9 years old students – they had chefs, sous chef, and wait staff), and realizing the simple truth that to children, an unexpected popsicle after playing outside on a hot day feels like a miracle. 

THESE ARE ONLY HIGH: Claire Rotolo and her incredible support to students, teachers, and myself, plus cleaning up and organizing our library; the collaborative and interdisciplinary work of the Middle School team;  Marci; the positive classroom culture already evident in our Preschool after only three days; Sally making the entryway really nice; Aly taking pictures everywhere and getting Class Tag institutionalized; getting a grant for artists-in-residence; feeling the joy of children who like being at school.  

I am imagining I will have another major high Friday afternoon as Marci and Aly are putting together a mini-Field Day for the end of our first week. Lucky kids.

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Dr. Mary Beth Cunat

Principal – Spectrum School  

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