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Wildthings’ Adventures: Nov.12 – Nov.16

Wildthings Stayed VERY Busy This Week!

Wonder Wall

This week we are continuing our kids in science theme as we are reading “Ada Twist Scientist” we are breaking the book up into three days. Tuesday we discussed what a scientist is, and what a question is. In small groups each child drew a picture of something they wonder about then formed it as a question. We added the pictures to our new “wonder wall”.

You’re all singing now aren’t you? “You’re my wonder waaaall”

Wildthings in the Wild

Having fun outside!

Holiday Concert

The Wildthings were putting some work in, getting ready for the upcoming Holiday Concert in December!

Experiment Time!

Today we read the next few pages of Ada Twist Scientist and learned what a hypothesis is and then later applied this knowledge to make our own hypotheses. We learned that like many scientist Ada loved to do experiments to answer questions about the things she wonders about. We decided to actually try one of Adas experiments and created our own hypotheses. We asked the kids what they thought Ada did to the soda bottles to make them “explode” or erupt? They came up with some very smart hypotheses based on their own knowledge/experiences. They had such great answer that we are hoping to do the experiment again testing their hypotheses. We then explained that we were going to use candy and asked them to predict which soda would make the tallest geyser. We had such a blast with this activity!

That's a wrap for this week's Wildthings' Adventures!

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