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Thinking, Creating, Reflecting: Impacting the Future

Wildthings’ Adventures: Nov.26 – Nov.30

Wrapping Up November!

Nature school students need to make sure they have ALL of their snow gear, tis the season! Also, if you send your child in boots, please remember to send tennis shoes in their backpack. Finally, all Preschoolers need a hat and scarf for winter show.  (does not need to be new, just needs to be worn during show) Thanks!


Nature school was able to spend some time outside this week. They had tons of fun exploring the snow, working together to build a snowman, and trying to build with the snow block makers ?. After sometime outside we played “Sleeping Bear”. In the game students took turns pretending to be a hibernating bear while their peers tried to “intrude” and take their food. The bear had to use his sense of hearing to listen for the “intruders” and save his food.? this was a great activity for practicing patience, taking turns, and listening. Finally, we also checked in on letter T recognition and completed a letter T scavenger hunt in our “Funny Turkey” poem and the kids did great!

Working Together

Wild things have had an amazing week! The students have been engaged in learning, taking ownership of their learning, asking wonderful questions, sharing their opinions, and caring for one another. Today (11/29/18) the students pulled together and built a castle from the large bricks. It was amazing to watch them work together, communicating, sharing ideas, and having fun. Also check out the projects they have been creating!

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